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After a leak that happened last night, director Zack Snyder decided to just release the trailer in its entirety today and its actually not to bad. I actually wasn’t as interested in this film as I was in some other films that are getting released this year (Mad Max, Star Wars, Avengers 2), but after seeing this trailer, my interest has definitely been peaked.  Check it out for yourself below.

Video Source: YouTube – Batman vs. Superman

Today Pixar released their second trailer for their next feature-length film, “Inside Out.”  This looks to be one of their most ambitious projects yet, where they will attempt to creatively show just what goes on inside our heads when dealing with emotional issues.  Human psychology is not an easy thing to replicate on the big screen, let alone make a feature length film out of but if anyone can take this complicated premise and turn it into a heartwarming tale for the whole family, it’s Pixar.  With a nearly spotless record when it come to their movies, I have the utmost faith in this film and the creative direction Pixar will go with it.

Check out the new trailer below and below that, check out the first trailer that was released not to long ago.