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Milky Chance is a folk, reggae and electronica influenced pop group from out of Kassel, Germany.  The group is made up of singer/songwriter Clemens Rehbein and DJ Philipp Dausch.

The duo first met in an advanced music course while in high school where Rehbein played bass in the jazz ensemble.  Rehbein and Dausch originally played together in a local band, but after graduation, the group disbanded.  The two continued on as a duo and in 2013, after playing two promising live shows, began work on their debut album.  The duo uploaded a number of their tracks to YouTube including their biggest hit “Stolen Dance” which soon became a viral hit.  The track received millions of views and help the band have several sold-out tour dates.

The groups debut album, “Sadnecessary” was released in 2013 and the tracks “Stolen Dance” reached No. 1 in Iceland, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary.  The other single “Down By The River” charted in Germany, France and Switzerland.

“Sadnecessary” is a very chill, laid-back album with the groups interesting mix of folk, reggae, and electronica all seeming to complement each other while accompanying Rehbein’s softly sung vocals.  Give some of the album’s biggest hits a listen below and be sure to pick up “Sadnecessary” which is in stores now.

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This bands newest album, “Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming,” has received much critical acclaim using a mixture of ambient, electronic sound and softly spoken vocals.

M83 are a French electronic music band from Antibes.  The band formed in 2001 and was created by Anthony Gonzalez and Nicolas Fromageau.  The band is named after the spiral galaxy Messier 83 and their musical style is characterized by extensive use of reverb effects and lyrics spoken softly over loud instruments.

Gonzalez and Fromageau parted ways shortly after touring for their second album, “Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts,” with Gonzalez new recording primarily on his own, often with the help of his brother Yann Gonzalez, vocalist/keyboardist Morgan Kibby and drummer Loic Maurin.  In 2011, Gonzalez posted an open audition on the M83 website for a multi-instrumentalist who could join the band.  19 year-old Jordan Lawlor won the audition.

In spring 2001, M83 released its self-titled debut album.  The release did not attract much attention outside Europe until September 2005, when Mute Records reissued the album for a worldwide release.  M83’s second album “Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts” followed in spring 2003 (and summer 2004 in North America) to widespread critical acclaim.  After worldwide touring for “Dead Cities” resumed, Nicolas Fromageau left the band.  Gonzalez returned to the studio to record the groups third studio album, “Before The Dawn Heals Us,” which was released in January 2005.  Gonzalez released a collection of ambient works titled “Digital Shades Vol. 1” in September 2007.

“Saturdays = Youth,” M83’s fifth studio album was released in April 2008.  It was recorded with Ken Thomas (known for his work Sigur Ros, The Sugarcubes, Boys in a Band, Cocteau Twins and Suede), Ewan Peirson (who has also produced for Tracy Thorn, The Rapture and Ladytron) and Morgan Kibby (of The Romanovs).  The album featured a more focused approach to song structure and form.  Gonzalez stated that the main influence for the album came from the 1980’s: “I think that 80’s music is such a brilliant period for music history.  It was the occasion for me to do a tribute to this 80’s music, but it was also a tribute to my teenage years because the main theme of the album is being a teenager and being a teenager means a lot to me.”  Four singles were released from the album: “Colours” in February 2008, “Graveyard Girl” in April, “Kim & Jessie” in July, and “We Own The Sky” in December.

In 2011, Gonzalez started working on a new batch of songs for a new album slated for release later int he year.  He described the tracks as darker and “very, very, very epic.”  Speaking with Spin Magazine, he stated that: “It’s a double album.  It’s mainly about dreams, how everyone is different, how you dream differently when your a kid, a teenager or an adult.  I’m really proud of it.  If your doing a very long album, all the songs need to be different and I think I’ve done that with this one.”  “Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming’s” first single, “Midnight City,” was released on July 19, 2011 and was available for streaming and free download on the bands official website.  The album was released on October 18, 2011 and received much critical acclaim.  It placed 3rd in Pitchfork’s Top 50 Albums of 2011 and the single, “Midnight City,” placed at number 1 on the Top 100 Tracks list.  The album also came in at number 5 on the Triple J Hottest 100 with the single “Midnight City.”

M83’s use of electronic sounds and ambient, sometimes trance-like, sound has helped to make the band become one of the most popular electronic indie bands out there.  The release of their latest album “Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming,” was liked universally by critics and fans alike. The band has had a number of hits and some pretty awesome music videos.  Check them out below.