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This 15 year old girl known only as Tina S completely nails a playthrough of DragonForce’s “Through The Fire And Flames,” a track made famous for its impossible difficulty in both Guitar Hero 3 and when played in real life.  There’s no telling how amazing a guitarist this girl will be when she grows up, but if this video is any indication, I know she’ll be talent worth watching.  Check out her video below and I’ll also post the official video of DragonForce playing so you can see how close she is to the original.

Sources: YouTube – Tina S – DragonForce

Some guy took a ton of clips of amateur musician’s YouTube videos and made an amazing music video that mixes all of the musicians together.  This defiantly took some time and a lot of work.  I give this guy props.  Great job!  Check out the amazing mixed compilation music video below.


Source: YouTube