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Mykki Blanco

Michael David Quattlebaum Jr. is a 25 year old New York-Based performance artist, poet and hip-hop musician whose genius keep her profile on a steady rise.  The founder of the performance art collective NO FEAR, Quattlebaum performs regularly under the moniker of Mykki Blanco, an alter ego that blends rap’s machoism with a clever reference to pioneering hip-hop femme fatales and gay club kids.

Her first poetry collection, “From The Silence of Duchamp to the Noise of Boys,” was written over six years between many different cities, was released by New York’s OHWOW gallery.  What distinguishes Quattlebaum Jr. as a one-man spectacle is her ability to morph from a young, gay, black urbanite, reciting lines about discrimination to her alter-ego Mykki Blanco, who is a fiercely provocative persona to say the least. “People have a hard time understanding that there is no difference between Mykki and Michael,” he explains. “My art stands alone. I am definitely the art world’s post-Generation X pomo baby.”

Quattlebaum began dressing in women’s clothes in late 2010 with the intent of inventing a rap character.  “The Mykki character came naturally: a teenage female rapper”. In the last year, she’s parlayed the whim-spawned rap persona to the center of his work as a performer and recording artist, and has plans to release a four-track record soon.

Mykki Blanco is a unique presence within the hip-hop community.  It’s hard to see what will become of Blanco’s career in a highly homophobic hip-hop community but I believe that Blanco could be what rap is missing.  A new touch, a new perspective.  This is how innovators are made and if Mykki Blanco is anything, it’s definitely innovative.

Check out some of Mykki Blanco’s tracks below and keep an eye out for this unique rising star within the hip-hop community.



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I don’t know who did this video or why but I can’t help but laugh out loud every time I watch it.  Who would have thought dubbing over an old Addam’s Family video would be so funny.

Wednesday Addams has the moves!

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