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Gallant is a new rising R&B artist from out of the Los Angeles area who has begun to make quite an impression on both fans and critics within the R&B scene.  The sudden attention can mostly be lead to Gallant’s stunning cover of the Foo Fighter’s song “Learn To Fly” which sounds so vastly different from the original, that it could be called a reinterpretation.  With thunderous drums and soaring vocals, Gallant’s “Learn To Fly” is a beautiful, heartfelt ballad that stands on its own ground as basically a completely new song.  Gallant’s falsetto range is also fantastic throughout.

Gallant performed his first live shows in June 2015 at both Los Angeles and New York City and will continue to travel around in order to get his name out there.  He is truly a new artist on the rise that people should know about.  Below are some of his biggest singles so far.  Be sure to check them out and help spread the word on Gallant.

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Steven Ellison, better known by his stage name, “Flying Lotus” is an experimental electronic music producer.  The grandson of songwriter Marilyn Mcleod (the co-writer for Diana Ross’ “Love Hangover), as well as the great-nephew of the pianist Alice Coltrane, and a cousin of saxophonist Ravi Coltrane.  Ellison got his start making beats for the Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim network before releasing his debut full length album “1983.”  The album was reminiscent of fellow avant-garde hip-hop producers Madlib, J Dilla, and Ammoncontact.

Following the six song EP, “Reset,”  he released his second full-length album, “Los Angeles,” in 2008.  A three-part series of satellite EPs consisting or remixes and additional production trailed through the next year.  “Cosmogramma,” his third and most complex album, was issued in 2010.  His next album, “Your Dead!,” featured collaborations with Herbie Hancock, Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg, and Captain Murphy (Ellison’s rapping alias), among others, came two years later.

Ellison also has a considerable quantity of additional production and remix work scattered across dozens of releases on revered labels such as Tectonic, Hyperdub, Ghostly International, and Ninja Tune – the last of which is the distributor of his Brainfeeder label, home to releases by the likes of The Gaslamp Killer, Austin Peralta, Martyn, frequent collaborator Thundercat and Taylor McFerrin.

Flying Lotus continues to release experimental tracks and has garnered a form of respect within the music industry.  Be sure to watch for what he is up to and be sure to check out his latest releases because each of his tracks is sure to be drastically different from the next.  That’s the beauty of music experimentation.

Check out some of his biggest tracks below and watch for what he drops next.


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