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Urban Cone is a Swedish Indie pop band from out of Stockholm, Sweden that formed in 2010.  The band consists of Emil Gustafsson (vocals, bass), Rasmus Flyckt (vocals, keyboard), Magnus Fulko (drums), Tim Formgren (guitar), and Jacob William Sjoberg (keyboard).  The group formed while all of the members were in high school.  The band’s debut album, “Our Youth” was released on May 8, 2013 in the United States and was produced and recorded in Flyckt’s living room.

The group found initial success in late 2010 when their self-released debut single “Urban Photography” found much popularity through online music blogs.  In fall 2012, the band released their debut EP “Our Youth” and the single off the EP “Urban Photography” reached No. 2 on Hype Machine.  The EP was well received by both the public and critics alike, with Earmilk.com notably writing: “The EP exemplifies what Urban Cone is at its finest, staying true to their roots and presenting honest, gritty, dance/pop”.  Following the release of “Our Youth EP”, Urban Cone made their first tour into the US in January 2013.  They performed in New York, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

On May 8, 2013, the band released their debut album “Our Youth”.  The album, as I said before, was well liked and received across the indie pop scene.  With a strange mixture of upbeat sounds and, at times, rather somber lyrics, it caught many, including myself, off guard, which is probably why the songs stand out from among the sea of sound-alike indie pop.

On May 12, 2015, the band released their second album “Poloroid Memories”.  This album seems to show that Urban Cone has mastered the art of making happy sounding, uplifting pop, that mixes in lyrics about heartbreak, lost love, and other real-life hardships that are usually absent from indie pop music in general.  This album, like the band’s predecessor has too been highly regarded among fans and critics.

This group is only two albums in and they already seem to have perfected deceptive indie pop that seems like its taking you on a fun and happy ride, when really your being thrust into life and the hardships that it can bring.  I love this group and their unique sound and feel like more people need to know about them.  Check out some of the band’s biggest hits below and be sure to pick up “Our Youth” or “Poloroid Memories” if you can.


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Matt and Kim

Matt and Kim are an American indie dance duo from Brooklyn, New York that consists of keyboardist/vocalist Matt Johnson and drummer Kim Schifino.

The two came together in 2004 while attending the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, and sessions for their debut album began two years later after a spring tour with “Meneguar.”  Featuring vocals from both members, the self-titled album was released by the I Heart Comix label in fall 2006.  Shortly after, the duo performed at multiple festivals throughout 2007 including Lollapalooza and the Siren Music Festival.

The group continued to tour for a couple more years after until they briefly took a break to record more material for their sophomore album, “Grand,” which was released in early 2009 on their new label Fader and cracked the Billboard 200 at number 165.

The album, “Sidewalks,” followed a year later and, thanks to the help of a video that saw the duo strip down to their birthday suits in the streets of New York City, charted much higher on the Billboard Charts to 30.

The groups fourth album, “Lightning,” was self-produced by the duo and was released in November 2012.  A year later, the duo released an album of remixes from “Lightning,” titled, “Lightning Remixes.”

On January 13, 2015, the group released the single “Get It” off of their upcoming album “New Glow” which is slated to be released on April 7, 2015.  The new single, received mixed reviews from fans because it moves away from Matt and Kim’s DIY style of sound.

I personally enjoyed the new single and welcome Matt and Kim’s continued musical experimentation.  Matt and Kim started off in relative obscurity and through the years, have worked hard to garner immense popularity.  Many times, they are the driving force for festivals simply because they will be performing there.  I have also heard that their live shows are not something to miss.

Give Matt and Kim a listen below and see why this duo has become a dominant force within the indie music scene.

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