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This video was uploaded a while ago and has recently been discovered and become very viral for good reason.  The song, which has no discernible lyrics, is used as a vocal exercise for the singer, Eduard Khil, and has gone on to become its own meme all around the internet.  It was even featured in an episode of Family Guy.

The whole thing is just to funny and I knew I just had to share it.  Check out the original and the Family Guy version below.

Sources: YouTube – Fangoriaxx – David Everling

In anticipation for the new Deadpool movie, I thought I’d share one of the funniest and one of my favorite super hero games I’ve ever played.  Deadpool: The game is hilarious and captures the exact feel of Deadpool which is random, insane, chaos.  This game is one of the reasons why I love Deadpool so much and why he is one of my favorite comic book anti-hero / heroes.

Thanks to Lilly Johnson’s YouTube channel, she has taken almost all of the funniest moments from the game and made it into a video for everyone.  I can’t wait for the new Deadpool movie and I know that the official trailer will be dropped really soon, so in the meantime, get your fill of Deadpool through the videos below.

F.Y.I.  the video contains spoilers for the game. Duh.

Source: YouTube – Lilly Johnson, Alromani, IAmTamriver