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Slaves is an American post-hardcore group that formed out of Sacramento, California.  The band currently consists of lead vocalist Jonny Craig, formerly of the bands “Emarosa”, “Dance Gavin Dance”, and “Isles & Glaciers”, guitarist Alex Lyman of “Hearts and Hands”, guitarist Jonathan Wolfe of “The Hollowed”, bassist Colin Vieria of “Musical Charis”, and drummer Tai Wright of “Four Letter Lie” and “Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows”.  The band released their debut album, “Through Art We Are All Equals” on June 24, 2014.  The album reached No. 53 on the official Billboard 200 charts in the U.S.

The group went on their first U.S. tour in May 2014 in order to support their fellow post-hardcore brothers “Hands Like Houses”, “Miss Fortune”, and “Alive Like Me”.  Shortly after, the band revealed that they would be a part of the All Stars Tour.

The band has has a rocky start, with many of the members dropping out and then rejoining later but if they are able to keep it together long enough, I think that they can become very popular in the post-hardcore scene simply based off of their first album alone.  Craig’s vocals soar expertly over amazing guitar riffs that feel like a mixture of heavy metal, punk, and power metal that somehow got rolled all into one.  It’s truly amazing to listen too and I hope that their current band member problems don’t persist so that they can release a follow-up album.

Listen to some of the band’s top hits below and be sure to pick up the groups debut album, “Through Art We Are All Equals”, which is available on Itunes now.

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This 15 year old girl known only as Tina S completely nails a playthrough of DragonForce’s “Through The Fire And Flames,” a track made famous for its impossible difficulty in both Guitar Hero 3 and when played in real life.  There’s no telling how amazing a guitarist this girl will be when she grows up, but if this video is any indication, I know she’ll be talent worth watching.  Check out her video below and I’ll also post the official video of DragonForce playing so you can see how close she is to the original.

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