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E3 has come and gone again and with it was a whole slew of gaming and tech news by some of the biggest companies in the industry.  The running theme for this E3 seemed to be, disappointingly, made up of almost entirely sequels or remakes to game franchises that already exist.  The companies all seem to be trying to go for a nostalgia feel rather than risk creating new IPs (intellectual properties).  Not that there weren’t any new IPs announced but, to me, it seemed like there were a lot less than last year or from previous years.  Overall, I was a little disappointed, but that doesn’t mean that there weren’t some bad ass games and trailers.

Below are some of the biggest trailers and announcements from E3 2015.

Sources: Videos: YouTube – E3 Trailers



The new consoles have been released and everyone has already picked their side in the console war.  I honestly love both the Xbox One and the Playstation 4, so I decided to highlight some of my favorite next gen games I can’t wait to play on both.  Check out their gameplay and trailers below!