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DC films kind of stole the show at this years Comic-Con thanks to Marvel deciding not to attend the event this year, and with that we were given another look at DC’s upcoming Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer and honestly, it has peaked my interest in the film a little more.  We get a better look at Bat-Fleck as both Batman and Bruce Wayne and we also get to see Gal Gadot briefly as Wonder Woman, which was news to me.  I didn’t know Wonder Woman was even going to be in the film.  It all actually looks pretty awesome and has made me change my skeptical views on the film, making me want to actually go see it now.

Check out the new trailer below and judge for yourself.

Source: YouTube – Warner Bros. Pictures

After months of leaks from the set and little drips of info on what the movie is going to be about, DC has finally release the first official trailer for the Suicide Squad movie and it looks really weird.  It definitely seems like a different style and approach to a DC film compared to The Dark Knight trilogy and the Man Of Steel but perhaps that will be a good thing.  When it comes to DC films, I am cautiously optimistic.  I simple just don’t know enough about the movie or its plot to decide if it will be good or not.  Here’s hoping for the former.

Decide for yourself, watch the trailer below.  It could be awesome!

Source: YouTube – Warner Bros. Pictures