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Milky Chance is a folk, reggae and electronica influenced pop group from out of Kassel, Germany.  The group is made up of singer/songwriter Clemens Rehbein and DJ Philipp Dausch.

The duo first met in an advanced music course while in high school where Rehbein played bass in the jazz ensemble.  Rehbein and Dausch originally played together in a local band, but after graduation, the group disbanded.  The two continued on as a duo and in 2013, after playing two promising live shows, began work on their debut album.  The duo uploaded a number of their tracks to YouTube including their biggest hit “Stolen Dance” which soon became a viral hit.  The track received millions of views and help the band have several sold-out tour dates.

The groups debut album, “Sadnecessary” was released in 2013 and the tracks “Stolen Dance” reached No. 1 in Iceland, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary.  The other single “Down By The River” charted in Germany, France and Switzerland.

“Sadnecessary” is a very chill, laid-back album with the groups interesting mix of folk, reggae, and electronica all seeming to complement each other while accompanying Rehbein’s softly sung vocals.  Give some of the album’s biggest hits a listen below and be sure to pick up “Sadnecessary” which is in stores now.

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Radical Face


Radical Face is a musical act that consists primarily of Ben Cooper, who also works with the bands “Electric President,” Iron Orchestra” and “Mother’s Basement.”  He decided to name the band “Radical Face” after he saw it on a flyer.  He later found out that that the flyer was an ad for plastic surgery that said “Radical Face-Lift” but “Lift” was ripped off.

On November 16, 2010, Cooper released a six-track EP titled “Touch The Sky.”  He announced that the EP was a prelude to an announced trilogy of albums called “Family Tree.”  Leading up to the release of his next album, “The Roots,” He released “The Branches: Volume One EP” track by track.  In August, “The Roots” was accidentally released to users outside of the U.S. on Itunes.  The album was officially released October 4, 2011.

His next album, “Clone,” was announced to be released through Bear Machine Records and available by fall 2012.  In September 2012, it was announced that the record was delayed and is expected to be released in January 2013.  Cooper announced in January that “Clone” was delayed indefinably until he finished recoding a new album for his other band, “Electric President.”

Cooper is as indie as they come.  He enjoys his music sounding rough and raw rather than receiving the studio treatment.  That is why, he says, that he hasn’t remastered any of his earlier tracks.  If his released tracks from “The Roots” and “Family Tree” are any indication of when “Clone” will be released, then I wouldn’t expect it anytime soon.  Cooper reworks his songs until they sound perfect and exactly the way he wants them to sound.  This will, hopefully, be for the better. 

My favorite track out of all of Radical Faces work has got to be “Welcome Home,” with a slow build in the beginning with whispered vocals over the top and then an eruption of sound towards the middle, it is truly marvelous to listen to.  His other tracks like “Wrapped in Piano String” and “Glory” follow the same folksy structure as “Welcome Home” does and sound equally as amazing.  Give them a listen below as well as his other hits so far.