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Here is an artists that I can’t stop listening to.  All he seems to make is the most chill laid-back electronic beats I’ve heard in a long time, and for some reason it is nearly impossible to find anything on the guy other than he is from Koreatown, Los Angeles and his stage name is “Ghost Loft.”  He is still very much on the rise as an artist and I’d say he’s well on his way.  Check out some of his hauntingly chill tracks and watch for “Ghost Loft.”  I have a feeling he is going to be big.

Sources: Videos: YouTube — Picture: Google Images

Big Chocolate


Cameron Argon, better known by his stage name Big Chocolate, is an American musician, producer and vlogger.  He is the former vocalist for the death metal band “Burning The Masses” and is the founder of the death metal solo project “Disfiguring the Goddess.”  He has gained quite a reputation for his work in the music industry through his skill in music production and remixing.  Argon specializes in electronic dance music styles ranging from dubstep to drum and bass to electronica.  He has released 5 EPs and 2 full-length dubstep albums to date and has done remixes for “Suicide Silence,” “Asking Alexandria,” “Iwrestledabearonce” and many other bands.

Argon has performed in many various clubs along the west coast and has toured the United States with the band “Dance Gavin Dance,” “Iwrestledabearonce” and “In Fear and Faith” during the Spring of 2011 as well as the entire Warped Tour the same year.

His music videos are very strange but his music is all so danceable.  His metal remixes are also seem to do the impossible by changing heavy metal and screamo into something that you could dance to.  Check out this unusual DJ and watch some of his biggest hits below.

Source: Videos: YouTube — Info: Wikipedia — Picture: Google Images