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Life Of Dillon is a self termed “acoustic house” trio from the UK that consists of David Keiffer, Joe Griffith, and Rob Griffith.  The group describes themselves as a group that makes “acoustic-laced, dance-driven pop that captures the free spirit of a globe-traveling drifter.”  The trio takes their name from a surfing Nepalese wanderer named Dillon who the trio encountered while visiting Brazil, the Griffith brother’s birthplace.

This trip to Brazil inspired the trio’s first musical recordings which they started once they came back home to London.  The trio released their debut single “Overload”, which fused not only elements of folk and house but also some pop as well.  The single was released in early 2015 through Disruptor, a division of the major label Epic.  The trio released their first EP, “Prologue”, on May 19, 2015.

This group has only just begun to release their music but based on the tracks on “Prologue” they seem like they are going to have a very bright future ahead of them.  Check out some of their biggest hits so far below and see why this “acoustic house” trio will soon be the next big thing in electro-pop/house music.

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Here’s a new artist that is beginning to turn some heads.  Los Angeles based singer/songwriter Zella Day blends modern pop with a little bohemian flair.  A native of Arizona, she was raised in a small mountain town near Phoenix where her parents ran a cafe and art space.  With so many creative-types coming and going, Zella soon began to delve into her creative musical side.  Zella first picked up a guitar at age 9 and a few years later, began to write her own songs.  Zella says that she was influenced by the classic singers and songwriters that were within her parents record collection and by the rugged natural outdoors that surrounded her home.

Eventually moving to LA, Day was first noticed when her cover of The White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army” began to rack up hits on YouTube.  After a little more time, Day developed her sound to have a more smooth, pop-oriented sound which lead to some critics to refer to her as a happier sounding Lana Del Rey.

Her first single “Sweet Ophilia” arrived on her debut single album titled “1965” in April 2014.  In October 2014, she released her self-titled debut EP on California indie B3SCI Records.

Zella definitely has the potential to go far if her first debut album is any indication.  With silky smooth vocals and a little electro-pop thrown in, the critics were right to compare Zella to Lana Del Rey.  She has the same singing skills and vocal talent and is very capable of becoming as big, if not bigger, of a pop star than Rey.

Check out some of her biggest hits below and be sure to pick up her self-titled debut album “Zella Day” which is in stores now.

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