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The first official story trailer for the Mad Max video game was released on May 26 and it looks like Avalanche Studios is trying to match the intensity of the amazing, pulse-pounding film, Mad Max: Fury Road as best they can.  Not to much is given away throughout the cinematic trailer but what is shown looks bad ass and instantly makes you think of the possibilities you will have being able to play as Max as he explores this post-apocalyptic open world.  Check out the trailer below and be sure to pick up Mad Max when it is released in September.

Source: Video: YouTube – outsidexbox

Sam Dew is an American Hip-Hop singer/songwritter from out of Chicago, Illinois.  He is best known for writing the hook to the track “LoveHate Thing”, a single from Wale’s 2013 album “The Gifted”.  He is also credited for writing and performing on additional tracks for the same album which peaked at No. 1 on various Billboard charts.  He has also written for musicians that include Marsha Ambrosius, Rihanna, Mary J. Blige, and Jessie Ware.  He is currently signed to RCA Records and released his first EP album, that was cleverly titled, “Damn Sue” on April 7, 2015.

The EP only contained six tracks but each has a unique take on alternative soul.  His biggest and most popular track, “Air”, encompasses all of Dew’s best qualities of his singing and songwriting style and is worth a listen.  In an interview with, Dew says that the EP is more than just a play on his name.  “It started as a joke but it actually came in handy because ‘Sue’ became the woman that doesn’t exist in my life.  ‘Damn Sue’ is like damn the the woman I’m waiting for who doesn’t seem to exist anywhere but I know I’m waiting for her.”

Sam Dew is definitely a star on the rise.  Give a listen to his EP tracks below and see for yourself.


Source: Info: Wikipedia, – Videos: YouTube – Sam Dew – Picture: Google Images