Do you like choose-your-own adventure games?  Have you ever thought TellTale Games latest outings weren’t indie enough?  Are you into hipster-shit?  Then Dontnod Entertainment’s new episodic adventure game “Life Is Strange” is probably right up your alley.

The games plot focuses on Maxine Caulfield, a photography student who discovers that she has the ability to rewind time at any moment, which causes every choice she makes to enact the butterfly effect.  But fear not, there is no Ashton Kutcher in this tale, instead, be prepared to encounter every hipster stereotype you can imagine (she does go to a specialized photography school after all), so there are artsy-hipsters aplenty here.

The most interesting aspect of this game is the reversal of time ability Max has at her disposal.  When the game says you can reverse time whenever you want, it’s not joking.  Accidentally said the wrong thing to someone, rewind time and start the conversation over.  Looked at the wrong thing and pissed someone off, rewind time so that they never know.  The possibilities are endless and it helps add a layer to the now formulaic choose-your-own adventure style that TellTale Games has begun to fall into.  Not that those games are bad, it’s just unsettling to be able to see the pattern your choices will probably have.

The game has an art style all its own, with a crispness to the character models and environment. There is a mixture of realism and cartoonish cell-shading that blend to make the games look unique, similar to Dontnod’s last game “Remember Me”.  The setting takes place in the Pacific Northwest during the fall and captures the feeling and beautiful colors of the fall remarkably well.

The game is set to be made up of 5 episodes, the first was already released on January 30, 2015 and the next episode is set to be released in March 2015.  Just as in TellTale tradition, the choices you make in one episode will have consequences into the next, which is where the whole butterfly effect thing comes in.

If you get the chance, check out this interesting little game that has, for the most part, flew under the radar.  It is available on Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Microsoft Windows for the low price of $4.99 an episode.  Check out the trailer for the game below and if your interested, give it a try.  I did and I can’t wait until the next episode.

Video Source: YouTube