Today, Warner Brother studios decided to drop their first theatrical trailer for the highly anticipated fourth film in the Mad Max franchise and it looks absolutely amazing!  With the building of the operatic music and the sight of actual cars exploding left and right throughout the entire thing, I think we can safely assume that 2015 is going to be made up of epic, kick-ass films!  Avengers 2 better watch out because Mad Max: Fury Road is on its way and it’s leaving death, destruction and explosions in its wake.   With a stellar cast made up of Tom Hardy as Max, Charlize Theron and Nicholas Hoult, I cannot begin to express how excited this trailer has made me for a franchise that hasn’t had a film since Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome which came out in 1985.

Check out the amazing theatrical trailer below and below that check out the first teaser trailer for the film as well.  They both just look incredible.


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