Oberhofer, an indie-dance-punk-noise-pop band that formed in 2008 out of Brooklyn, New York, creates a unique and experimental blend of music.  Originally starting as a recording project for the band’s frontman, Brad Oberhofer, while attending New York University, by 2010, Oberhofer self-released his first single, “o0Oo0O0o.”  Shortly after, Oberhofer was asked to go on tour with similar minded bands such as “Sleigh Bells,” “Neon Indian” and “The Morning Benders.”  

After hitting the road for a year, Oberhofer released the singles “Away Frm U” and “I Could Go” in 2011.  The two singles brought the attention of the independent label White Iris Records who released the band’s next single “Gotta Go/Mahwun” in the summer of 2011.  Soon after, Oberhofer signed with Glassnote Records to release their debut album, “Time Capsules II,” in 2012.  Stereogum ranked the band as the No. 39 most anticipated album of 2012.

The band has been touring extensively since the release of “Time Capsules II” and have performed at many music festivals, most notably, the Coachella Music Festival.  Oberhoffer blends many different musical genres together and combines kitchen-sink instrumentation with playful lyrics.  Oberhofer offers eccentric indie pop to to a world where even indie music, at times, has begun to sound to similar to one another.

Check out some of Oberhofer’s biggest hits below and keep an eye out for them on the indie circuit.


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