The Unlikely Candidates are an indie rock band based out of Fort Worth, Texas.  The band consists of Kyle Morris (vocals), Cole Male (guitar), Kevin Goddard (drums), Brenton Carney (lead guitar) and Jared Hornbeek (bass).  The band was originally formed as an acoustic duo by childhood friends Morris and Male in 2008 but they later expanded their lineup to include Carney, Hornbeek and Goddard.  By adding new members, the band was also able to expand their sound in bigger, more sweeping directions.  In 2013, the band signed to Atlantic Records and released their debut EP, “Follow My Feet.”  The self-titled single, “Follow My Feet,” charted on the Billboard Triple A at number 13 in October 2013 and it charted at 35 on the Alternative Songs Chart.

This band has literally just begun to make music but if they continue to release songs that are as good as “Follow My Feet” and their other single, “Howl,” then they have a bright future ahead of them.

Check out their two singles below and keep The Unlikely Candidates on your musical horizons.

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