Royal Teeth are a New Orleans-based band that released their debut EP, “Act Naturally,” in 2011.  After signing to Dangerbird Records, the band released their debut album, “Glow,” on August 13, 2013.  The band consists of Gary Larsen (vocals), Nora Patterson (vocals), Joshua Wells (bass), Josh Hefner (drums), Steve Billeaud (guitar) and Andrew Poe (keyboard).  The band has a very indie-pop sort of feel to them and each song on “Glow” seems to be inspired by youth, exploration and discovery.

The group formed in 2010 when Larsen, Hefner, Wells, Poe and Billeaud, who are from all across Louisiana, came together after having played with each in the early days in New Orleans.  Shortly after, the band discovered Nora Patterson and added her to the group which helped them to hone in their sound.  The band first started off as a way for the group to have fun while experimenting with music.  They soon discovered that by adding synthesizers, the band was able to add the last touch they needed to help their indie-pop songs better convey their theme of youth and exploration through their music.

The groups debut album, “Glow,” took them over two years to create.  The band had over 30 different song ideas but eventually brought them down to twelve tracks that that they liked the most.  The band’s studio time was quick and focused thanks to the help of the band’s producer Gavin Brown.  They concluded their studio time after a few short weeks.  The album looked to focus on the bands positive energy and the vigor the group has while performing live shows.

The band has been featured on Last Call with Carson Daly, American Idol and have had several of their songs featured on various TV spots.  The band looks forward to their extensive touring for “Glow” and can now impart on the central theme of their debut album, the journey and exploration of their music.

Check out some of the band’s biggest hits below including their most popular single, “Wild,” and I recommend picking up their debut album, “Glow.”


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