Clean Bandit are a British electronic group that was founded in Cambridge, England in 2009.  After their 2013 single, “Mozart’s House,” was released on Black Butter Records, it reached number 17 on the UK Singles Chart.  They also received significant success with their single “Nightingale” which featured pop singer Horner Woods and drum and bass group Camo & Krooked, which peaked to number 39 on the UK Singles Chart.  In January, the group scored their first UK Singles Chart-topping single with “Rather Be,” featuring elements of classical music mixed in with a dance music beat.  “Rather Be” remained at the top of the charts for four straight weeks.

The group’s musical style has been described as “fusion music, mixing electronic music with classical and deep-house elements.  The band produces all of their music themselves and invite fellow artists to sing in their songs.  The band’s hit song “Rather Be” is still the top single on Australia’s number one tracks on Spotify.

Check out some of the band’s biggest hits below and see how their unique mixture of classical with house music has caught the attention of music lovers everywhere.

Source: Videos: Youtube — Info: Wikipedia — Picture: Google Images