Air Traffic Controller is the creation of singer/songwriter Dave Munro, who actually served in the US Navy as an actual air traffic controller.  During his deployment, Munro recorded a 4-track demo and sent it back home to Boston.  When he returned home after his deployment, he found he had an impressive number of fans who wanted him to record more and which eventually lead to the creation of Air Traffic Controller.

ATC’s sound has been described as a modern day indie rock that resembles The Decemberists.  Munro incorporates autobiographical lyrics that mix with catchy pop rhythms and have well-crafted storytelling throughout.

In 2009, the band was nominated for an MTV “Best Break-Out Artist” Video Music Award and won “Best Indie Rock Act” at the 2010 Boston Music Conference.  The band soon became listed an many of the Northeast media outlet’s Best-Of lists.

In 2011, the band successfully raised over $12,000 through a Kickstarter fundraiser to support the production of the band’s album ” Nordo.”  The album was released in February 2014 and has received much praise from bloggers and music critics alike.  WERS Radio has called Air Traffic controller “one of Boston’s finest independent bands.”

They band has a very emotional orchestra-pop sound and has a great array of catchy upbeat songs.  Check out some of their biggest hits below and be sure to keep these guys on your radar.

Source: Videos: Youtube — Info: ATC Official Site — Picture: Google Images