Here’s a new indie electronic music producer who mixes indie pop/rock with electronic beats and the combination is very interesting.

Robert Charles DeLong is an American electronic musician from Bothell, Washington.  With a background in drums and influences from a number of indie rock bands, DeLong’s primary genres include House, electronica, EDM and Moombahton.  He has released two albums on Glassnote Records: an EP, “Global Concepts,” in 2012 and “Just Movement” in 2013.  His single, “Global Concepts,” reached number 33 on the Billboard Alternative Songs chart in early 2013.

DeLong grew up in the Seattle suburb of Bothell.  His father was a drummer and taught Robert to play at a young age.  Robert played in various bands throughout high school and studied drums at Azusa Pacific University which was partially supported by a scholarship.  While in college, he played in the band “The Denouement” and settled in Los Angeles after graduation.  His equipment and clothing often feature an orange “X” logo.  He often paints his face with this logo and so do his fans.

DeLong started out as a drummer for multiple indie rock bands but began to add electronic elements to his compositions following his exposure to them at raves.  DeLong is known for using video game peripherals, such as a Wii remote and a joy stick, connected to a MIDI interface, in order to modify his sound.  He sights his influences as being “Death Cab for Cutie,” “Modest Mouse” and “Boards of Canada” among others.

He released his first full-length album, “Just Movement,” through Glassnote Records on February 5, 2013.  His sound has been described by Wired Magazine as a merger of “electronic dance music, alt. rock, and vocals into tracks that are poppy enough to make you move but dissonant enough to be interesting.”

I agree completely with Wired Magazine’s description.  DeLong mixes electronic music with beats that make you wanna dance, yet at the same time, make you think.  His single, “Global Concepts,” is a perfect example of this.  It has deep thought provoking lyrics yet has a beat that you can’t help but move to.  Check out some of DeLongs biggest hits so far including his very popular single, “Global Concepts.”

Source: Wikipedia — Videos: YouTube — Photo: Google Images