Here’s a new up-and-coming band that is starting to become very popular in the indie pop scene.

Hunter Hunted is an American indie-pop band from Los Angels.  The group is made up of Michael Garner (Keyboards, Vocals) and Dan Chang (Guitar, Vocals).  The band formed in December 2012 after the dissolution of their former band “Lady Danville.”  The band has received some radio play and is frequently featured on KCSN DJ / LA Buzz Band blogger Kevin Bronson’s blogging page.  The band’s first show at the Troubadour was a huge success due to recent radio play and sold out within its first week.  The band was named by both Billboard and MTV as the “Artist to Watch.”

The band’s music has been described as “melodic dance infused pop” that spans many different genres.  They have been working hard to get their name out there and have managed to secure a record deal with A&M/Octone Records.  They still have a long way to go but I think they have the potential to become very successful.  So far, their songs sound great, I generally like them all.  Give them a listen below and be sure to keep Hunter Hunted on your musical radar.