Trails and Ways are an indie-pop quartet from out of Oakland, California.  The band consists of Emma Oppen (bass, vocals), Keith Brower Brown (vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards), Ian Quirk (drums) and Hannah Van Loon (lead guitar, keyboard).

The band members each met each other while studying at UC Berkeley, but before forming the band, they traveled to Brazil and Spain where they each discovered that they loved flamenco and bassa nova beats.  After returning to the Oakland area, the group began to create indie pop songs with a slight mixture of flamenco and bassa nova beats.

The group loves to integrate world music into their songs and will sometimes sing in English, Spanish and Portuguese which is where the title of their first EP, “Trilingual,” came from.  All four members of the band sing which allows their vocals to harmonize and complement each other.  The band’s songs drift back and forth from breezy bassa nova beats to indie-pop rock with just enough synth to allow the songs to be equally danceable as well.  The band describes their sound as “bassa nova dream pop.”

This band has some amazing songs that will sweep you away into their soft harmonies and delicate song structures.  Check out some of their biggest hits below and check out their two EPs, “Trilingual” and “Cover Tapes.”