Ghost Beach are a self-described tropical grit indie-pop band from out of New York, New York.  The band is made up of the duo of Josh Ocean and Eric “Doc” Mendelsohn who each had a love for the 80’s and let that love manifest itself into Ghost Beach.  The duos music has been described by Andrew Hwang as “the holy trifecta of The Police, Depeche Mode, and Daft Punk, with a little Passion Pit sprinkled on top for good measure.”

Tim Osbourne of Obscure Sound describes the bands sound by saying, “the American pairing are reminiscent of an early Hot Hot Heat, with a semi-fem vocal, unashamedly bathing in a pop bath – and I don’t mean the bubbles.  They produce something that’s a lot more grown up.  Saying that, they have the fun factor, the nonchalant attitude, and a contagious “let’s not stop partying until we throw up” glitter factor.”

However you describe this band, there is no denying that they are just plain fun to listen to.  With songs that sound like they were made to be played on a hot summer day while your partying away on a beach; I’d say their music will be loved by all who simply want to escape winters oppressive clutches.  Give a listen to some of their most popular songs that are circling around YouTube below and keep an eye out for this summer-loving, 80’s crazed duo.