Sound Remedy is an American electronic music producer based out of Los Angeles, California.  Hailing from Chicago, Sound Remedy has been creating and experimenting with electronic music ever since he was 16 years old.  He only started to produce music full time 2 years ago.

Despite obtaining a degree in finance from one of the nation’s elite business schools, Sound Remedy opted to take a risk and pursue his true passion, music.  Being that both of his parents are graduates of Julliard School of music and full time Chicago Symphony Orchestra players, it seemed that music was in his blood.

Sound Remedy has made a name for himself by composing tracks that experiment with electronic music and changes the way you listen to you favorite tracks.  Some of his remixes of popular songs take the songs in completely different directions, almost always for the better.  He is quickly gaining popularity for his unique remixes and will be a DJ to look out for in the coming years.

Check out some of his biggest hits so far below.