Frightened Rabbit is a Scottish indie rock band from Selkirk that formed in 2003.  The band consists of Scott Hutchison (vocals, guitar), Grant Hutchison (drums), Billy Kennedy (guitar, bass), Andy Monaghan (guitar, keyboards) and Gordon Skene (guitar, keyboards).  The band has been based in Glasgow since 2004.

Frightened Rabbit was initially a solo project for vocalist and guitarist Scott Hutchison.  The band’s first studio album, “Sing The Greys,” was recorded as a duo by Hutchison and his brother Grant and was released through independent label, Hits The Fan Records, in 2006.  The band signed to Fat Cat Records in 2007 and became a three-piece with the addition of guitarist Billy Kennedy.  They released their second studio album, “The Midnight Organ Fight,” in 2008 to much critical acclaim.  They extensively toured to support the album and added Andy Monaghan to the group to help flesh-out their live shows.

The band’s third studio album, “The Winter of Mixed Drinks,” was released in 2010.  The band had Gordon Skene, the former guitarist of the band “Make Model,” join to help support their live performances as they toured to support the new album.  The band signed to Atlantic Records later that year and issued two EPs, “A Frightened Rabbit EP” in 2011 and “State Hospital,” in 2012.  In 2012 they released their fourth studio album, “Pedestrian Verse,” in 2013.  The album was a critically acclaimed and commercial success in the U.K., peaking at number nine on the U.K. Albums Chart.

The bands name, “Frightened Rabbit,” comes from a name Scott Hutchison’s mother gave him in his youth due to his chronic shyness.  During their first few shows, the band would give out their email address for those interested in receiving a free demo.  After a time during which few demos were sent out, Scott said he would send out biscuits with the music, which led to a rise in the requests for demos.  This lead to a lasting impression with the recipients.

“I’d send them to the U.S. and stuff, and they’d turn up as bags of crumbs,” said Scott.  “I think it’s still something that people will remember.  I don’t know, I suppose it was just one of those little things that people will remember, rather than making it disposable and forgettable.”

These guys have already made it big in the U.K. but few know them over here in the states.  I simply can’t get enough of their single, “Swim Until You Can’t See Land.”  Their sound is reminiscent of light folk rock with a mixture of pop in there for good measure.  Give ’em a listen below.