Here is a band that has inspired many to “Sail!”

Awolnation (usually stylized as AWOLNATION) is an American electronic rock band that was formed and fronted by Aaron Bruno, formerly of the bands “Under the Influence of Giants,” “Hometown Hero,” and “Insurgence.”  The band is made up of Aaron Bruno (vocals, rhythm guitar), Drew Stuart (lead guitar, backing vocals), Kenny Carkeet (keyboards, backing vocals, rhythm guitar), David Amezcua (bass guitar, backing vocals) and Isaac Carpenter (drums).  The band is signed to Red Bull Records and released their debut album “Megalithic Symphony” on March 15, 2011.

Awolnation all started when Aaron Bruno was approached by Red Bull Records in 2009 and was aked if he wanted to use the Red Bull recording studio in Los Angeles.  He recorded a few songs in the studio and ultimately signed with the label calling it more of a “partnership,” and was allowed to make the recordings that he wanted.  Bruno wrote all of his own songs on his initial EP and would consult his friends, family and respected artists for guidance.  The name “Awolnation” comes from Bruno’s high school nickname.  In an interview with Kristin Houser of the L.A. Music Blog, he stated that he “would leave without saying goodbye because it was just easier, so that’s where the name Awol (slang from the military acronym for Absent WithOut Leave) came from.”

The band released their debut album “Megalithic Symphony” digitally on March 15, 2011, and physically on March 29, 2011 on Red Bull Records.  The album contained 15 tracks including the singles “Sail,” “Not Your Fault” and “Kill Your Heroes.”  “Sail” peaked at number 10 on the U.S. Billboard Rock Songs chart and has gone platinum in the U.S. and double platinum in Canada.  “Sail” has been used in many commercials and television shows.  It was even used during the BMW Olympic Opening Ceremony and in commercial spots throughout the Olympic broadcasts.

The band is currently working on a second studio album and have released two new songs, “TheKidsNotAlright,” and “Some Kind of Joke.”  They have announced that the new album will come out “sometime in 2014.”

The band has a kind of dark, synthey, bluesy feel to them.  With hard-rocking hits like their track “Burn It Down” to soft, soulful tracks like “All I Need,” this band has a mix of a little bit of everything.  Bruno’s bluesy vocals help guide the songs from being deeply personal and intimate to being hard-hitting rock anthems.  I love this band and cannot wait until their next album comes out.  Check out their biggest hits below and remember to “SAIL!!!”