Here’s another popular band for your indie itch.

The Naked and Famous are an indie electronic ensemble from Auckland, New Zealand.  The group makes driving, melodic pop with an 80’s post-punk influence.  The band consists of the talented vocalist Alisa Xayalith and instrumentalist/vocalist Thom Powers.  The band formed in 2008 and released two EPs, “This Machine,” and “No Light,” thanks to the help of Aaron Short, an engineering student at Auckland’s MAINZ music college.  They took their name from a line in the English artist “Tricky’s” song “Tricky Kid,” “everybody wants to be naked and famous,” which is a statement about what celebrity is.

Both EPs were subsequently released on local independent label Round Trip Mars.  Powers and Xayalith recruited Ben Knapp and Jordan Clark to play bass and drums as they began to tour and perform live shows.  Aaron Short became a performing member of the band as Knapp and Clark left the group.  In 2009, Jessie Wood (drums) and David Beadle (bass) joined the band and became full-time members.

In 2010, they relesed their debut studio album, “Passive Me, Aggressive You,” which feature the bands first number one single “Young Blood.”  “Young Blood” debuted on the New Zealand chart at number one on June 14, 2010 and was one of the first New Zealand artist in three years to do so.  On December 6, 2010, the BBC announced that The Naked and Famous had been nominated for BBC’s Sound of 2011 Poll.  By 2011, the band was nominated by the New Zealand Music Awards six times for Album of the Year, Best Group, Breakthrough Artist of the Year, Best Alternative Album and the People’s Choice Award.  They also were nominated for the NZ On Air Best Music Video and won the MAINZ Best Engineer Award and the MAINZ Best Producer Award.   In support of their album, the band went on a massive world tour, performing over 200 shows in 24 countries between 2010 to 2012.

When the tour finally ended, the band relocated themselves to Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles in 2012.  They began writing and recording their next studio album.  With the help of British producer Alan Moulder and American producer Justin Meldal-Johnsen, the group released their second album, “In Rolling Waves,” in September 2013.  Off the album was the single, “Hearts Like Ours,” which Hev Bailey (a music reviewer from the music blog “Musiceyz”) says: “Hearts Like Ours ends just as steadily as it begins, slipping quietly out of the speakers as though it were never there.  The same can not be said for your head, however.  It’s been two weeks since I first heard this track and I still wake up humming it every morning.”

The band has been making waves within the indie community and has already celebrated great success from their first two albums.  With Xayalith’s amazing vocals and the groups great electronic-based background sound and laid back atmospheric noise, the band makes some great, catchy songs.  Many, as Bailey put, get easily stuck in your head.  Keep a look out for this band because I grantee that whatever they do next, it will be good.

Check out the bands award winning music video for “Young Blood” below, along with their other hits.  Also,  P.S., check out the last video,”No Way,” which is one of the “explodiest” videos I have ever seen.