Zed’s Dead is a Canadian electronic music duo from Toronto, Ontario.  The duo is composed of Dylan Mamid, or DC as he likes to go by, and Zach Rapp-Rovan, or Hooks.  DC and Hooks have been producing music together since 2004 and were formerly known as “Mass Productions.”  In the summer of 2007, they released one hip-hop influenced album as “Mass Productions,” entitled “Fresh Beatz,” before launching Zed’s Dead in 2009.

The duo are currently signed to the record label, Mad Decent, and have released music on several other record company labels.  Much of their music is bootlegged, unofficially released, or given away as free downloads.  Their name “Zed’s Dead” is a reference from a scene in the 1994 Quentin Tarantino film “Pulp Fiction.”

Zed’s Dead explores a diverse variety of genres that mixes different aspects of electro house, hip-hip, glitch, and drum and bass into their largely dubstep sound.  The duo frequently has rapper Omar Linx collaborate with them and has produced two EPs together as a trio.  Zed’s Dead tours extensively and performs at many live music concerts and festivals around the world.  Their “Living Dead” tour went from February to May 2012, and included over seventy performances in the United States and Canada alone.

Zed’s Dead is widely known throughout the dupstep scene for their intricate beats and their bass heavy, electrifying shows.  They constantly are looking to experiment with their sound, and no two Zed’s Dead songs sound the same.  They also seem to enjoy remixing songs and giving them an electronic, dubstep makeover.  They make some of the sickest songs around and if you haven’t heard anything by them before, then you’re missing out.  Below are some of Zed’s Dead’s biggest hits.  Check ’em out!