This guys makes some awesome rock/metal inspired electronica!

Celldweller is a Detroit, Michigan-based musical project created by multi-instrumentalist, producer, remixer, DJ and performer Klayton.  Celldweller’s music combines rock, industrial, electronic and heavy metal music, and incorporates influences from a variety of other stylistic sources.  Celldweller’s songs have been featured in many films, movies trailers, television shows and video games.

Klayton had gained a devoted cult following in the mid 90s because of his industrial metal band “Circle of Dust.”  He also contributed to the supergroup “Argyle Park,” using the pseudonyms Dred, Deathwish, and Celldweller.  After “Circle of Dust” split up, Klayton released both a posthumous collection of reworked “Circle of Dust” leftovers titled “Disengage” and an album for a new project, “Angeldust,” created in conjunction with illusionist Criss Angel.  Both albums shifted away from industrial metal and towards more electronic-modern industrial rock influences, which had richer electronic instrumentation and a greater emphasis on melody.  This change in style was a major step toward the sound that would come to define Celldweller.  Klayton started creating songs for Celldweller in 1998/1999 and released an EP with three demos and two early trance tracks, which quickly sold out.  Klayton and Criss Angel parted ways in 2000 after releasing three albums worth of songs which allowed Klayton to focus on Celldweller.

Klayton released Celldweller’s self-titled debut in early 2003 and it debuted at No. 17 on Billboards Internet Sales Chart.  The album won seven awards at the Just Plain Folks Music Awards, winning album of the year, producer of the year, Industrial album of the year, Metal song of the year (“One Good Reason”) and best industrial rock song (“Switchback”), and also took runner-up in best industrial song with “Stay with Me (Unlikely)” and best rock song with “I Believe You.”

In December 2008, Klayton released “Soundtrack for the Voices in My Head Vol. 1,” a collection consisting mostly of short instrumental score-based songs.  He selected and reworked demos from his archives that he thought would suit film, TV, and video game licensing.  On February 14, 2012, “Soundtrack for the Voices in my Head Vol. 2 was released.

Celldweller is currently working on his next album and it will be released soon.

Celldweller’s sound is an awesome mixture of hard rock, dubstep, electronica, and many other musical influences that help add to the epicness of his songs.  The songs are often used as background tracks to video games and trailers for films.  Celldweller’s songs often have heavy bass, and just feel powerful to listen to.  I can only describe his music as epic.  All other definitions fall short.  Listen to some of his top tracks below.