Here is a band that is very experimental and as indie as they come.  Yeasayer is an American psychedelic pop band from Brooklyn, New York that formed in 2006.

The band is made up of Chris Keating, Ira Wolf Tuton, Anand Wilder and Cale Parks.  The band’s three core members Keating, Tuton and Wilder, first appeared at the SXSW festival in early 2007.  The band is pretty unique by having Keating and Wilder both serving as lead vocalists and principle the songs together as a unit.  Wilder, who began playing cello when he was 4, described their songwriting style to Pitchfork.  “When I write a song, I’m always thinking of the harmonies; for me the song doesn’t really exist without the harmonies.  For example, “Forgiveness” would be a really boring melody without the choir behind it.  Chris resisted any formal musical training, but his sense of melody and songcraft is just astounding.”

The band has released three albums so far and is currently working on their fourth.  Their most popular album “Odd Blood,” was released in February 2010 and was well received critically and commercially.  The album featured more pop music influences than their previous album. The band addressed their change in sound in an in depth interview with “The Quietus,” with Wolf Tuton saying “I think the similar influences are there, but we have not focused on the same tones.  We also wanted to focus on 90’s dance music and production-wise get the low end thumping a little bit better.  We also wanted to be a little more concise with our songwriting and arrangement.”  Keating continued saying, “The first album was such a wall of noise and we couldn’t do anymore with it so we tried to strip it away.  Creatively it was a departure and it was a challenge to and do it and to simplify, it was fun to try and not hide behind the haze.”

Each of Yeasayer’s albums are completely different from one another, for better or worse.  Of their albums, I feel like “Odd Blood” has been their most successful and it is my personal favorite.  The entire album does have a 90s, sometimes even an 80s feel to it.  The albums two biggest singles “ONE” and “Ambling Alp” are catchy and just interesting to listen to.  Below are some of Yeasayer’s biggest hits so far.  Enjoy.

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