Of the top new albums to be released in the past couple weeks is Danny Brown’s “Old.”  Danny Brown, a rapper from Detroit, Michigan, is best known for his individuality, being described by MTV as “one of raps most unique figures in recent memory.”  Danny’s unique mix of humor and lightning quick lyrical jabs help to set him apart from the hip-hop crowd.  Not to mention his unique style of clothes he wears which has been described as “hipster-meets-hip-hop.”  Danny was even once turned down on a collaboration with 50 Cent when 50 didn’t like that Danny wore tight jeans.

Danny’s previous album, 2011’s “XXX” was released for free online, recieved critical acclaim, earning him Spin Magazines rating of #1 hip-hop album of the year and Metro Time’s “Artist of the Year”

With his recent release of “Old”, Danny has recieved universal acclaim from music critics.  At Metacritic, which accumulates critic reviews and averages them out from a 1-100 rating system, “Old” recieved an average score of 85 based off of 20 critic reviews.  Aaron Mathews of “Exclaim!” gave the album an 8 out of 10 saying “Old is a post-fame album done right.  Accutely aware of expectations and potential criticism, Danny doubled down on what makes him great instead of selling out.  Here’s to aging gracefully.”  Dan Jackson of “XXL” gave the album an “XL” saying “in a year that’s seen aging rappers in both the mainstream (Jay-Z, Kanye West) and underground (J-Zone, Ka) confront the concept of their own mortality with varying degrees of honesty and depth, Old might be the most impressive yet.  Brown displays real bravery in his willingness to merge the sacred with the profane, the independent with the arena-ready, the old with the new.  As the binaries of rap continue to collapse, Brown looks less like an outcast and more like a trailblaizer.  It feels like time is on his side.”

“Old” boasts a huge assortment of collaborating artists, many from a variety of other genres besides hip-hop.  The collaborations include A$AP Rocky, Schoolboy Q, Ab-Soul, Kitty, Purity Ring, Freddie Gibbs, Mr. MFN eXquire, Scrufizzer and Charlie XCX.  Big names also helped with Old’s production; people like Paul White, Oh No, Rustie, Skywlkr, A-Trak, Darq E Freaker and Frank Dukes.

The album is very unique with Danny switching up song style, tempo, rhythem, and often the tone as you go from song to song.  Some of his lyrics are hillarious as well but you have to listen close or else you might miss them as Danny flys through his rhymes with lyrical speed and style.  My favorite song from the album is “25 Bucks” with his collaboration with the indie-pop rockers “Purity Ring.”  The song has a slower pace to it but has a style all its own.  Below will be some of Old‘s best hits.