A newer, up-and-coming, experimental band that’s starting to gain popularity within the pop/rock scene is Brooklin, New York’s “Sleigh Bells.”  The band has just released their third studio album, “Bitter Rivals.”

Sleigh Bells is an American noise pop musical duo that formed in 2008.  The duo consists of vocalist Alexis Krauss and guitarist Derek Edward Miller.  The band signed to N.E.E.T. Recordings and Mom+Pop.  Sleigh Bells released their debut album, “Treats,” on May 11, 2010.  Their follow-up album, “Reign Of Terror,” was released on February 21, 2012.

Both members of the band have had experience performing and touring in other bands before they met in 2008.  Miller was a guitarist in the hardcore band “Poison The Well” for five years until he left the band in 2003 because of creative differences.  Krauss performed in the teen pop group “RubyBlue” from age twelve to sixteen.  After “RubyBlue” broke up, Krauss went to college and majored in political science.  She taught Spanish to elementary school children in the Bronx and performed at weddings on the side for fun.

In March 2008, Miller moved to Brooklin to find a female vocalist for some song demos he was working on.  In April 2008, he started working at Miss Favela – a Brazilian bistro in Williamsburg, Brooklin and in July 2008, Krauss and her mother dined at the restaurant.  Miller told them that he was looking for a female vocalist for his new project and Krauss’s mother immediately volunteered Krauss.  They both met in a park and listened to Millers demos through headphones.  Krauss remembered her first impression of the demo saying: “Derek’s music sounded like a really interesting challenge, but I wasn’t thinking he was somebody I wanted to develop a creative relationship with.”  Krauss was pursing a Rhodes Scholarship at the time, but decided to join Miller instead.

A few months after they released their second album, “Reign Of Terror,” they began to write their third studio album for a possible 2013 release.  Before the end of 2012, the album was said to feature more writing from Krauss and will have a cleaner sound and more emphasis on melody than their previous albums.  The new album titled “Bitter Rivals,” was released in September 2013.  The band will tour North America in October through November 2013 in support of the new album.

The bands sound has been known for its juxtaposition of simple pop hooks with loud, rhythmic noise, electronic beats, harsh guitar riffs and dreamy vocals, which has been described mainly as “noise pop.”  The band’s sound has also been described as noise rock, indie rock, dance-punk, synthpunk, digital hardcore, experimental pop, alternative rock and industrial rock.

Their debut album, “Treats,” was noted for its punk and heavy metal guitars, glam metal influences and mid-tempo beats from hip-hop and electro, their second album, “Reign Of Terror,” was also described as a mixture of “heavy metal shredding with R&B vocals.”

The bands sound is completely unique and experimental.  By mixing all of these different genres together, it causes the listener to not hear the same type of song over and over as some bands tend to do when they are stuck in their one specific genre.  The layering of heavy metal gutar, pop, electronic, and sometimes, even hip-hop beats, makes “Sleigh Bells” a new experimental force in an over-saturated music industry of same-old same-old.  They are great and everyone should checkout their new album “Bitter Rivals.”

Below are some of the bands top hits and some hits from their newest album as well.