Here’s a band that’s starting to gain some popularity.  “Walk The Moon” is an indie rock band out of Cincinnati, Ohio.  Lead singer Nicholas Petricca started the band in 2008 and went through several member changes before finally coming together with the current members, Kevin Ray, Sean Waugaman, and Eli Maiman sometime in 2010.  The bands name comes from the song “Walking On The Moon” by “The Police.”  The group independently released their debut album, “i want! i want!,” in November 2010, receiving much airplay for the track “Anna Sun.”

The band eventually signed with RCA Records and released their first official album, “Walk The Moon,” in June 2012.  Their self-titled debut is composed of many of their original tracks from “i want! i want” in addition to new tracks that were written specifically for the album and were meant to reflect the kind of energy the band produces in their live shows.

Spin Magazine has described them as a “poppy, art-rock quartet.”  They were also deemed a Nylon Magazine Band Crush for their “swirly pop beats, infectious guitar riffs, and loud, sing-a-long choruses.”

Their biggest hit song “Anna Sun” was named the song of the summer in 2011 by Esquire Magazine in an article titled “30 Summer Songs Every Man Should Listen To.”  The song was written by Petricca and New York singer/songwriter Nick Lerangis towards the end of their college career.  The song is named after their professor from Kenyon College and, they say, is meant to symbolize youth.  “It’s about college, about maintaining that little bit of being a kid,” said Petricca.  “Don’t be afraid to play.”

The band is currently on tour with “The Mowgli’s” and has a show scheduled on October 10 at Cain’s Ballroom in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The band does have a very youthful feel to them and many of their songs are quite catchy.  Below I’ll include a few of their biggest hits.  I definitely recommend listening to “Anna Sun” in order to get a good feel for the band.