“Passenger” is an indie pop band out of Brighton, England, that has just a hint of folk added in for good measure.  Originally a four-piece, “Passenger” is now the working name for its sole member, Mike Rosenberg, who works in collaboration with composer Andrew Philips.

The duo released their first album, “Wicked Man’s Rest,” in 2007 and spawned several singles including “Wicked Man’s Rest,” “Walk You Home,” “Do What You Like,” and “Table for One.”  “Passenger” opened up for several high-profile indie acts throughout the U.K. that year, including “Kate Nash” and the “Hold Steady”.

In 2008, the band provided the soundtrack for the film “Where Have I Been All Your Life?”  They also performed at the 2008 SXSW festival in Austin, Texas.

In 2009, Phillips parted ways with “Passenger” leaving Rosenberg at the helm.  The band’s second album, 2009’s “Wide Eyes Blind Love,” reflected this change with a stripped-down, acoustic sound.

In 2010, “Passenger” returned with the “fan only” release “Divers and Submarines.”  Also in 2010, the band released their album “Flight of the Crow,” which featured collaborations with such artists as Josh Pyke, Katie Noonan, Elana Stone and others.

In 2012, the band released its fifth full-length album, “All the Little Lights,” which featured a more fully fleshed-out sound.  Off the album, the breakout single, “Let Her Go,” managed to make its way up the Alternative Charts and into the Top 10.  If you want to get a feel for this band, I recommend listening to “Let Her Go.”  It is a great track.