Here’s a pretty cool up-and-coming band. The Crystal Fighters are a British/Spanish folktronic band that combines Basque folk instruments with drum loops, heavy synth, and lilting vocals. The band was formed when the lead singer, Laure, recovered a diary of her deceased reclusive grandfather’s while visiting his Basque country home.

Inside of the diary was a skeleton of an incomplete opera, with what would become the future bands name as its title. Intent on completing the work and honoring her grandfathers legacy, she returned to London and enlisted the help of friends Gilbert Vierich, Graham Dickson, Sebastian Pringle, and Mimi, and together they researched and worked to finish his opera. Along the way, they became inspired by the dark, folksy sounds of the Spanish instruments and combined them with a booming bass line. Thus, the band was formed.

The band has released 2 albums, “Star of Love,” in 2010 which was released to much critical acclaim and their most recent “Cave Rave,” which was released May 27, 2013. The band has already announced that they will hold a “Cave Rave” or a live concert to promote the album in the heart of the Basque countryside on the 29th of August.

They truly do have a different sound to them. Most songs are very happy and up-beat and the mix of folk with electronic sounds is very interesting. The band has also collaborated with many big name electronic artists and has some great remixes to their songs. Hopefully they will continue to become more popular. Here are a few of their biggest hits. Enjoy.