Here’s a band that is not necessarily new but has still consistently released one great album after another and is rumored to be releasing a new album by the end of 2013. The Birthday Massacre, or TBM, is a Canadian electronic-rock band out of London, Ontario. The band has a heavy metal feel with an 80’s new wave twist thanks to lead singer Chibi’s magnificent vocals and the keyboard synthesizers .The band also tends to write songs about imagination, fantasy, and seems to have a sort of “Alice in Wonderland” theme to them.

The band began back in 1999, and was named “Imagica” after Clive Barker’s fantasy novel, “Imajica.” In 2002, the band changed their name to “The Birthday Massacre” in order to avoid confusion with another group. So far, TBM has released five studio albums, each receiving a great deal of success and popularity.

The band has described themselves as an audio-visual project. The members of the band were all music/fine art majors throughout college and decided that the color violet would represent the bands themes. Rainbow (the lead guitarist) said in an early interview: “Violet is the color of the tragic comedy. We associate it with fantasy and melancholy. These themes make up much of the bands lyrical inspiration. The color also mirrors our sound dynamic. Our music mixes contrasting elements. In turn, violet is the sum of two contrasting colors: Red and Blue.”

That is exactly how I would describe the band as well. At times they are rocking out and red, but also mixed into there, are mellow moments as well; blue. This gives the band great balance throughout their songs and makes them interesting to listen to.

The band has traveled all around the world and has toured with the likes of 51 Peg, Deadstar Assembly, Celldweller, Crossbreed, KMFDM, Schoolyard Heroes, Suicide City, The Start, Das Ich, Jesus On Extasy, Dope Stars Inc., Mindless Self Indulgence, Julien-K, Fake Shark-Real Zombie!, London After Midnight, Combichrist, Tub Ring, Hollowboy, Creature Feature, I Am Ghost, Dommin, Otep, Raggedy Angry, Black Veil Brides, Aural Vampire, Die Mannequin, Ariel, Dir En Grey, William Control, and Aesthetic Perfection.

The bands album, “Walking With Strangers,” entered at No. 10 on the Billboard “Top Heatseekers” Chart for September 2007. In late July, 2009, the band was featured on a contest called “Book the Band,” at the Virgin Mobile Music Festival. The contest took place online and allowed fans to vote repeatedly. On August 17, 2009, it was announced that TBM had won the contest and were given 100 tickets to give out to the most devoted fans who had voted.

I love the sound of this band and I just can’t get enough of them. Here are a few of their most popular tracks and hopefully soon we will get some new releases from their upcoming 2013 album.