Lorde: Love Club

Lorde: Love Club

A new album to hit store shelves this week was Lorde’s EP: The Love Club, a very laid back and catchy album that was all written and performed by a 17 year old New Zealander. Her songs have a poppy-catch to them but also a good mix of alternative beats and background choruses.

The album was originally released back in 2012, but as it is with many up-and-coming artists, it simply got overlooked and missed. Then, out of the blue, the album was found again and began to gain popularity. Enough popularity that the album was finally released here in the states.

The lyrics are sang in the moment and have a very contemporary feel to them. They all seem to convey a girl who has a very down-to-Earth feel to her and to her music. This is made even more impressive considering her young age.  Her songs range from the very Santigold feeling “Million Dollar Bills” to the M.I.A. styled raps in “Royals.”  And the best part about her being an up-and-coming artist is that most of her songs are available on Soundcloud for free.

Lorde is still young and has great potential to grow, but I know that the name will defiantly be passed around and that her popularity will continue to grow. Of all of the tracks I recommend listening to Royals.